Policies and Procedures

1. Tuition is due on the 1st day of each month.  A late fee of $10.00 will be assessed on the 6th of each month.

Please make your payment on the 1st to avoid these charges, which will be strictly enforced. There is a 30.00 Service Fee on all returned checks. AIM also requires a credit card to be kept on file. You may choose to have AIM set up automatic draft monthly payments which will be charged on the 5th of each month.


2. Tuition is based on a yearly course fee and not by the individual class or weeks in a month--as this will vary from month to month. All holidays and breaks have been taken into consideration when calculating the yearly course fee. Tuition payments are based on a ten month schedule (August-May) and for the convenience of budgeting, tuition is paid monthly. The school year will consist of 10 months of classes with an average of thirty- six to thirty-eight (36-38) weekly class sessions.


3. There is no registration fee for summer camps. This fee is only charged once in a calendar year. This fee is non - refundable. AIM reserves the right to place all students according to age, ability level, and dance experience.


4. Please make sure your child is in the appropriate dance wear for each class.  Hair should be securely fastened away from the face and in a bun for all ballet classes. Hair must be securely fastened away from the face and in a ponytail for all other classes.


5. All ballet and tap combination classes should wear pastel colored leotards and pink tights.  Pink ballet slippers and tan tap shoes.


6. All jazz and tap classes should wear any color dance attire—not play clothes. Attire must consist of a leotard and tights or dance shorts and camisole tops. Cheerleading (soffee) shorts should NOT be worn.


7. All ballet classes must wear a black leotard and pink tights. Pink ballet slippers or pointe shoes are required as applicable. New Ballet shoes must be approved by the teacher before they can be worn in class.  Classes, please see the Ballet Syllabus.


8. All hip hop classes must wear tennis shoes. Please make sure you have specific tennis shoes for this class--not tennis shoes that you play outside in.  Specific shoes will need to be purchased for the recital.

9. All Costume fees are $75.00. If your student is in more than one class, they will have a costume for each class. These fees will be divided into 3 easy payments. The 1st payment will be due September 1st. The 2nd payment is due October 1st and the final payment is due November 1st.


10. If the Costume fees are not paid, we will be unable to order your child’s costume. Students will be measured in October.


11.  AIM Company costume costs will vary. 1st Costume Payment is due August 1, 2nd Costume Payment is due September 1, 3rd Costume Payment due October 1.  All Costume Fees are non-refundable. Please plan on an average of $75 per costume into your budget.


12. Competition fees for all company members will be due 45 days in advance. If they are not paid, your child will not be able to participate.


13. There is a recital fee that is due March 1st. The amount is $50.00 for one child and $75.00 for a family of two or more. This should be paid on or before the 1st of March.


14. In the event of inclement weather, we will follow the Paulding/Cobb County School System.


15. We require a 30 day written notice to withdrawal from the school.  No refunds are given.  Registration, Tuition, Summer Camps and Intensives, Costume, and Recital Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE!


16. Our annual recital will be held at a local high school during the month of May. Date and venue is TBD.


We are looking forward to a wonderful 2020-2021 Season and your cooperation!






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