Class Descriptions:

Tiny Tot

Ages 2-3. No previous training. Mom gets to participate with the child.


Ages 3-4.  No previous training. Emphasis is on creative movement.

Tap/Ballet Combo    

Programs that provide a child’s first exposure to rhythm, music and movement in a nurturing environment. Instruction includes basic steps, rhythmic games, limbering exercises and coordination movements and is a wonderful opportunity for dancers who would like to learn the basic techniques of both ballet and tap.



The oldest and most noble form of dance. A rigorous technique that is the foundation for most other dance forms. For discipline of mind and body, ballet has no equal. Ballet develops individual body awareness, strength, flexibility and an appreciation of the art of ballet.


Pointe class concentrates on the transference of ballet steps from demi-pointe to pointe and is introduced only when a dancer has developed sufficient strength in the feet and legs necessary for this discipline. Permission is needed by the instructor for admission into pointe class.



Jazz is an exciting, ever evolving dance form full of rhythm, syncopation, passion and life.  American at its roots, it is less restrictive than ballet however, a ballet foundation is recommended.



A fun and popular dance form enjoying a rebirth! No previous dance training is required to begin your tap education.



This dance form was developed in the early 20th century. An expressive free movement form which is often performed in bare feet. Lyrical dance combines elements of ballet, modern & jazz.


Acrobatics (Acro)

Acrobatics includes only floor exercises; no equipment. From basic summer saults to front and back handsprings and more, acrobatics incorporates tumbling, balance and contortion with dance.


Hip Hop

A high energy class that uses the latest sounds in rap and pop music and encompasses movement that has elements of poppin,’ locking and breaking as well as freestyle movement. It is urban; street; diverse and forever changing!