Class Attire

Ballet – Solid black leotard and pink tights; solid black skirts are optional. Hair must be worn in a bun.


Boys – Boys may wear athletic or sweat pants with a fitted T-shirt (no oversize baggy T-shirts or sweatshirts).


Acro, Hip Hop, Jazz, Jumps & Turns, Lyrical, & Tap – Girls may wear leotards, tights, unitards, tight-fitting jazz pants, trunks (briefs) or crop tops only. T-shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants may be worn for the first 10–15 minutes of class only (during warm-ups).


Pre-School – Dancers may wear a pink leotard with an attached pink skirt and pink tights. Long hair should be worn off the neck and away from the face. Both pink ballet shoes and tan tap shoes are required for Pre-Dance.


Mommy and Me– Dancers may wear any colored leotard with an optional skirt in any color. Tights are preferred and long hair should be worn off the neck and away from the face.


** Hair should be securely fastened away from the face and in a bun for all ballet classes  and in a pony tail for all other classes.**


**No jeans will be allowed in any dance class.**


Shoe Requirements

Acro – Acro is taken in bare feet.


Ballet – Ballet slippers are required for all ballet classes, Mommy & Me, and Pre-School classes.


Hip Hop – Clean gym shoes (any style)or black combat boots are permitted for Hip Hop. Please provide a pair that are only worn on our dance floors and not out on the street.


Jazz, Jumps & Turns - Black jazz shoes must be worn for all classes. We recommend the leather slip-on jazz shoe with no laces.


Lyrical/Contemporary – Half soles are permitted for all lyrical/contemporary classes. Dancers may also go barefoot at times during class, but please bring shoes for turning purposes.


Pointe – Pointe class is taken in properly fitted pointe shoes. 


Tap – Tap shoes are required for all Tap classes. Most of the young dancers (3-7) should wear the Mary Jane style in tan. Tappers age 9 and older should wear black laced or slip on jazz shoe style with attached taps.




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